A few years ago I was so lucky to meet my friend and partner Sean Wallace. Since then, we decided to work maps, starting with a map of Xela (Quetzaltenango), as I, Jose Moreno, am from this place. I had already travelled to the Lago of Atitlán (Atitlan Lake) and for Sean, coming to visit our beautiful country, it was the second place he visited in Guatemala. We agreed it is a beautiful place and we decided to show visitors the easiest way to travel, transport and eat in this place.

Arriving and seeing its magnificent size and the volcanoes that surround it, you will be impressed: boats, fishers, divers, swimmers, you can find a great diversity of beautiful things. Even if you come for a ride, to take photographs or to visit a party, the lake offers you everything of itself. I have travelled there two or three times a week during the past four years and every time I get there, I am touched. There is always something new, the people wearing the traditional local dresses will fascinate you, as will the trees and flowers that adorn the landscape.

We are going to guide you, so you can travel to the lake without problems from Panajachel and some other places that are around it.