Knows Guatemala


Guatemala’s government is a Constitutional Democratic Republic. It’s divided into 22 departments or states, every four years there is a new president is elected. The current President is Otto Perez Molina, who took office the year (2012).

Transport from airport La Aurora in Guatemala City to the lake

When you arrive at the airport you might want to take a taxi to the lake, but this could be a little bit difficult because it takes two to three hours travelling. We recommend arrange with a travel agency a private transport from the airport to Lake Atitlan. You can also take a taxi to the bus terminal in Guatemala City and take there a public bus (chicken bus). You will have to change buses three times to get to your destiny.


The nearest hospital you will find in Sololá, at about 30 minutes from Panajachel.
PBX 7963-4343
77624098 – 7762-4079


University of San Carlos de Guatemala
Rafael Landivar University
University of the Valley of Guatemala
Mariano Galvez University
Francisco Marroquín University
Istmo University
Rural University of Guatemala
Panamericana University
Mesoamericana University
Galileo University
San Pablo University of Guatemala
InterNaciones University

Spanish Daily Newspaper

Prensa Libre
El Periódico
Diario de Centro América
La Hora
Nuestro Diario
Siglo Veintiuno


Mail Services:
El Correo
TNT Express
01/01/2015 New Year’s Day
03/20/2015 March Equinox
03/28/2015 Maundy Thursday
03/29/2015 Good Friday
03/30/2015 Easter Saturday
03/31/2015 Easter Sunday
04/01/2015 Easter Monday
05/01/2015 Labor Day
06/30/2015 Army Day
08/15/2015 Assumption Day
09/15/2015 Independece Day
10/20/2015 Revolution of 1944
11/01/2015 All Saints Day
12/25/2015 Christmas Day
12/26/2015 Boxin Day
12/31/2015 New Year’s Day

Arriving to Panajachel

In the first place, you can take a bus in “Los Encuentros” to “La Cuchilla”, arriving from Guatemala City, Antigua, Peten, etc. Arriving from Quetzaltenango, San Marcos or other places, you can ask the busdriver to leave you in La Cuchilla. From there it costs Q 2.50 (0.32 USD) to Sololá, the headplace of the province, whose market days are on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. During these days, the merchants are placed around the central park, offering their sales, fruit, vegetables, meat and other things. If you have the intention, on those days you can take good pictures.

From Sololá you can take another bus to Panajachel which costs Q 3.00 and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get there. If you travel by private or public bus we recommend to sit down on the right side from where you can see the lake from above. Panajachel is the most visited place of Atitlan, full of restaurants, caffes and pubs. On the streets of Avenida Santander we can see a lot of places selling handicrafts. That is the way business takes place here: white local people and gringos controlling tourism and the locals who sale craftworks. At the end of the street we observe a remodeled quay from where you can see the majestic lake and volcanoes. We recommend visit the place in the morning so you can see the sunrise and in the afternoon with good company.