Santiago Atitlán

Located between the volcanoes Tolimán and San Pedro, this magical place inhabited by Tzutuhiles is hided. Santiago Atitlán is the biggest village around the lake and the last times I visited, it was very developed. The women dress their guipiles (blouses) embroidened with flowers and some elder men still wear their white trousers and leather sandals. It is a place full of tradition and beauty, also the home of Maximon, who is taken to procession in the Holy Week. Market days are on Friday and Sunday.

For complete information we recommend to visit which contains much important information about the place.


I have heard that on the road from San Pedro La Laguna to Santiago many robberies occur, so we prefer to recommend you travel by ferry in order to avoid problems.


We invite you to visit the beautiful Roman Catholic Church, the park and the market, and the gorgeous beaches. We also recommend a good camera and a walk on foot to observe the unique details of Santiago.

Where to eat

There is a place everybody recommends, called El Pescador. It has very good food but very high prices. On the market you can find good food like fried mojarras (fish from the lake) and a beer for Q 40.00 and also at the entrance of the town there are many restaurants that sell cheap plates of very good shellfish.


It is important to take into account that the last boat from Santiago to Panajachel and San Pedro leaves at 16:45 hrs. So do not delay or you will have to pay Q 200 to get to the place where you are staying.