As one of the most visited attractions in Guatemala, getting to and from Lake Atitlán is not difficult. The most common methods are by public bus and by tourist shuttle. We’ve also heard of people arriving by helicopter, but it’s certainly not for everyone (if you want to do this ask at the Guatemala City airport). The regular, so-called “chicken”-buses have direct service to and from Panajachel and San Pedro from both Quetzaltenango (Xela) and Guatemala City. If you have another destination you can easily change buses on the main highway or at Los Encuentros, a main crossroads on the highway outside of Panajachel. Shuttles run from the lake to all over the country (and Mexico).

Pana Sololá Q3
Sololá Los Encuentros Q3
San pedro la Laguna San Juan La Laguna Q2
San Juan San Pablo Q2
San Pablo Santa Clara Q2
San Pedro San Juan Q5
San Juan San Pablo Q5
San Pablo San Marcos