Things to do


The San Pedro and Atitlán Volcanoes are the most climbed of the three volcanoes, along with the Indian’s Nose above San Juan and the smaller Cerro de Oro.
The trail from Santa Cruz to San Marcos offers stunning views and a chance to experience some of the lake’s most traditional Mayan villages, like Jaibalito and Tzununa. Stop for lunch and a swim at La Casa del Mundo. Water skiing and inner-tubing adventures can be arranged at La Casa del Mundo.
An ancient Mayan foot-path, leading up the mountain from Jaibalito to the town of Laguna Seca, offers amazing views of the lake and a chance to experience a truly remote village in the heart of the Mayan Highlands. Guided tours can be arranged at La Casa del Mundo.


There are several rental places in San Pedro, with others scattered around the lake.


There are Spanish schools in Panajachel, San Pedro, San Marcos and San Juan. You are also able to find private teachers in many places around the lake. Ask around for more information.

Scuba Dive:

ATI Divers in Santa Cruz and Reyes Divers in Panajachel both offer fairly cheap dives. Reyes Divers organizes cleaning events every month or so. Ask there if you are interested in helping out.


San Pedro and Panajachel each have live music most nights. and in most of the other towns you will be able to find something a few times a week


Peliculas can be seen every night at multiple bars in San Pedro. The schedule is advertised around town.