Atitlán Lake

Welcome to the lake

Welcome to Lago Atitlán! You’ve made your way to one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it here. Atitlán has a lot to offer each of the villages around the lake has it’s own character and attraction. LAGOMAP’s goal is to highlight some of the places around […]

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Things to do

Hike: The San Pedro and Atitlán Volcanoes are the most climbed of the three volcanoes, along with the Indian’s Nose above San Juan and the smaller Cerro de Oro. The trail from Santa Cruz to San Marcos offers stunning views and a chance to experience some of the lake’s most traditional Mayan villages, like Jaibalito […]



As one of the most visited attractions in Guatemala, getting to and from Lake Atitlán is not difficult. The most common methods are by public bus and by tourist shuttle. We’ve also heard of people arriving by helicopter, but it’s certainly not for everyone (if you want to do this ask at the Guatemala City […]

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Volunteer Opportunities

There are lots of ways you can volunteer and help out around the Lake — we’re just listing a few of them here. If you wander around you’ll see lots of other ways to contribute! If you’re looking for something in particular, we suggest you talk to the owners of The Buddha or D’Noz in […]

Lanchas (boats)

Lanchas (Boats Prices)

The Lanchas are the fastest way to get around the lake. Our suggestion is that you don’t ask the price, instead simply pay what we’ve listed here. If you can do better than this, you probably speak Tz’utuhil. There are at least three prices on all the trips, one for Maya who live around the […]